Christin’s & Josh’s

d Wedding Celebration c

September 13 & 14, 2013     Brooklyn, New York

Check out the photo feed from our wedding week!

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Main Events

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Ceremony @ City Clerk's Office
Immediate Family Only
Casual Attire

Brunch @ Freemans Restaurant
Family Only
Casual Attire

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Cocktails & Dinner @ Wythe Hotel
Kids welcome, or babysitter available
Cocktail Attire

After-Party @ The Counting Room
Cocktail Attire

Other Weekend Happenings

Arriving on Friday?

We'll reserve a couple of tables at one of our favorite neighborhood spots for people to stop in and say hello as they arrive. We'll provide snacks. Stay and order yourself dinner, or just drop by for a drink on your way to/from whatever else you have planned that night.

Happy Hour @ Spuyten Duyvil
Kids welcome

Saturday Options

Spend your Saturday relaxing with Christin.

Join Christin at her favorite spa in Manhattan! All appointments include free use of the water lounge, where we can meet and socialize. Call (212) 505-3185 to book your appointment. You can also use the water lounge without an appointment for $50, but call ahead in case they're booked up. Men and women welcome - bring your bathing suit!

Spa Day @ Great Jones Spa
29 Great Jones St, Manhattan

Or join Josh for food in the park in Williamsburg.

Meet up with Josh and try some of the best food in Brooklyn. Josh will set up a home base in the grassy park area close to the river and just north of the food stands.

Smorgasburg @ East River Park
90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn

Say goodbye on Sunday

Come over to our place Sunday if you're looking for somewhere to chill out before you leave town, or you just want to say one last goodbye. We'll provide hangover-friendly food and drinks.

Hangout @ Sukie's Fluff Palace
258 S 1st Street #4B
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY



We know how expensive it can be to attend a wedding - especially in New York City! We hope that by not creating a gift registry, we make it easier for our family and friends to attend. If you simply must give something, then we ask that you consider either a contribution to our honeymoon fund, or a donation to our favorite animal shelter.

Help fund our honeymoon

We don't know where we're going yet (or when), but we love to travel, and plan on going somewhere after the wedding to relax and celebrate. We may end up in Italy or Spain, or maybe even somewhere more exotic like Morocco or Bali! Who knows!?! But if you decide to contribute, rest assured we'll use the money to travel somewhere fun and amazing. We'll even send you a postcard!
Send to

Donate to BARC

The Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition is a great shelter in our neighborhood, and the home of the "Cat Loft" where our wonderful cat Sukie came from! We give a little bit every year to help pay for things like food and medical care, and would love for our friends and family to join us in giving. Every donation is appreciated, and no amount is too small!



Most of the weekend's events will take place in the neighborhood of Williamsburg in North Brooklyn, so we suggest staying in that area. The Wythe Hotel (where the main event will be on Saturday night) is on the Northside of Williamsburg near the waterfront. Williamsburg is easy to get to by train from Manhattan (via the L train to Bedford Ave and the JMZ train to Marcy Ave) and Greenpoint, Brooklyn or Long Island City, Queens (via the G train to Nassau Ave). We don't recommend staying in South Brooklyn (Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, etc) as those neighborhoods are harder to get to by train and cost $15-$20 by car. One exception is DUMBO, which is convenient to Williamsburg via the East River Ferry.

Hotels in the Hood

There are only a few hotels in Williamsburg, but they're all conveniently within walking distance of the weekend's events.

Fancy Manhattan Hotels

If you just must stay at a fabulous hotel in Manhattan, get ready to drop some cash. These places are fantastic and very conveniently located to/from Williamsburg, but can get up into the $400-$500/night range.

Williamsburg Apartments

Renting an apartment in Williamsburg is cheaper than a hotel, and gives you a chance to really see the neighborhood. There are some great spaces on, from typical railroad apartments, to giant lofts, to brand new condos. Most listings in our neighborhood go for $150-$200 a night.

Here are a few that look good and were available for Friday 9/13 - Sunday 9/15 the last time we checked. Please note that there is also a small booking fee, and most hosts will ask for a security deposit as well:

Double Up to Save Money

There are also some great looking 2-bedroom apartments on for around $200-$400 a night. For anyone who wants to take this option, just let us know and we'll help to coordinate between you and a roommate.

Here are some of the places that were available last time we checked:

Cheaper Hotels in Manhattan

Apparently, they do exist, they will probably just be located in the slightly less convenient, and way more touristy neighborhood of Times Square/Midtown, and still cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $200/night. We don't have any specific recommendations, but we suggest booking through one of the big vacation booking sites that can give you a better deal, like or

Having trouble finding a place?

We can help! If you have any trouble finding a place to stay, or if the above options are cost prohibitive, please let us know! We'd hate to miss out on you being here just because we live in an expensive city and only gave you a few weeks to plan. We've got a little money earmarked to help with accommodations, and a few tricks up our sleeves for finding a few cheap or even FREE places to stay, if you don't mind doubling up. So don't hesitate to tell us if you're having trouble.




For direct flights from just about anywhere in the country to NYC, we highly recommend JetBlue. The tourist season is ending and they're publishing flights from Tampa, Austin, and San Francisco for at least $100 less than usual!

Whether you're flying in to LaGuardia or JFK airports, the best way to get to Williamsburg is by taxi. It costs around $25 from LaGuardia and $40 from JFK, but can vary depending on traffic.

It's typical to give your cab driver some basic directions. Tell them to take the Metropolitan exit off of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. From there, if you're going to the Wythe Hotel, you'll take a right on Metropolitan, a right on Berry Street, then a left on North 11th to take you to the corner of Wythe Ave.


Most of the weekend's events will take place in our neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which has convenient access to Manhattan by subway, taxi or car service, and the East River Ferry. You can get detailed travel directions on HopStop.

The L Train

The closest L stop to the Wythe Hotel is at Bedford Ave and North 7th street. From there you are 1-2 stops away from the East Village (1st Ave and 3rd Ave stops), 5 stops away from the West Village, Greenwich Village Chelsea, and the Meatpacking District (at 8th Avenue), and 3 stops away from the Union Square stop, where you can grab the 6 train uptown to Grand Central in Midtown or downtown to Soho (at Spring Street), and the N/Q/R/W uptown to Times Square or downtown to Chinatown (at Canal Street).

The J/M/Z Trains

The Marcy Ave stop is on the south side of the neighborhood, under the Williamsburg bridge, so it's about a 15-20 minute walk from the Wythe Hotel, but once you get there it's only 1 stop on the J/M trains to the Delancey/Essex station on the Lower East Side. There's loads of great shopping, food, bars, and historic landmarks like Russ & Daughters Deli or the Tenement Museum, but it's also an easy walk from there to Chinatown, Nolita, or Soho. The M train will take you further uptown to Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park in Midtown.

The East River Ferry

This is by far the most fun way to get around and a great way to sightsee while doing it. The south/downtown ferry takes you from North 6th Street in Williamsburg south two stops to DUMBO and the new Brooklyn Bridge Park - a very cool, new neighborhood to just walk around and explore - and one more stop to Pier 11 where you can check out the touristy South Street Seaport. The north/midtown ferry goes from North 6th Street in Williamsburg to Long Island City in Queens and East 34th Street in Manhattan's Midtown East. Just note that the ferry does run on a very tight schedule, so get there 5 minutes early to buy your ticket or you might be waiting a half hour for the next one to come!


It's getting easier to find cabs in Williamsburg, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, but it's best not to count on it. Your best bets for catching a cab will be on Driggs Ave.

Getting a cab from the city to Williamsburg is much easier, and can be pretty cheap. When you get in, make sure to tell your driver you're going to Williamsburg (they might ask you where in Williamsburg, so you can tell them the North side, near McCarren Park, or the Wythe Hotel), and instruct them to take the first exit off the Williamsburg bridge. This will take you to the south side of the neighborhood, where you can turn right on Bedford or Wythe and travel north to get to the Wythe Hotel.

Car Services

If you need a car from Williamsburg, our recommendation is to call a car service. The price is comparable to a taxi, but they price your trip by zone instead of time/distance (so you can ask the operator how much your trip will cost) and they generally show up within about 5 minutes of the time you call. This is also a great way to get around the neighborhood if you don't feel like walking. They charge a flat fee of $7 to get from one point to any other in Williamsburg.